We help your company grow online. We provide smart hosting as well as smart design solutions for campaigns that rank on relavent search terms.


Network Logistics and Consulting
Private Secure Hosting Solutions
Security Operations & Logistics
Google AMP integration
Verified Listing Services
Web Development
Customer Acquisition
IT Consulting Detroit
Geo-targeting and Beaconing


You get enterprise-wide solutions, increased visibility and permission management for your employees and users, global security, and premium API integrations.

Our Services

Scalable IT Solutions

From Branding and UX to infrastructure and inventory, we can help you control your online presence against your competition. Cater to your audience whether you’re a home office, medium enterprise, or large enterprise. Better than ITIL.

Brand Management

Let us cultivate colors, logos and swatches worthy of their own brand book. From start to finish the design process is proactive and customer focused

Intrusion Prevention

Credit Unions, Emergency Medical, and Law Offices are required by law to protect customer and employee privacy. What would happen to your company if data was leaked? We’ll brief your business and make sure you’re digitally covered.

Real Estate Services

Rich 4K Aerial Imaging. Share the experience with clients. Live MLS integration. Share 360 degree and VR video for property listings or live events, in HD, in real time on Youtube, FB, IG, etc.

Geo-spatial Services

Auditing of Web Applications and ML assisted optimization of your applications. Call us for more information.

Built to Scale

We deliver powerful IT Solutions for Home Office, Medium, and Large Enterprise. Whether you’re just setting up a custom office network, or automating customer intake, payroll and stock, we have you covered and wont let you fail.

Aerial Video Service with Same Day Turnaround. Non-obtrusive, quiet, safe, licensed, certified professionals.

Track and catalogue on-site progress with aerial time lapse photography and live streaming 4k video. Retain 3D Renders for CAD software.

Create 3D Renders of land and structures. Capture in multiple formats: Photo, Video, and 3d. Inc. DXF, LAS, OBJ, SHP, TIFF, JPG.

Enhance Your MLS Listings with Aerial Photos, Aerial Video or 3D render made from drone images.

Geospatial Services

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Googles high speed amp framework
PWA – smooth fullscreen videos enrich the experience
30 percent higher click through rate from google search
3x faster website loading times compared to competitors
“High performance experience would only expect from a native app”

CDN, Hosting, SSL, SEO, SEM, SERP, Security, Mail Hosting, Mail Campaigns, Live Chat, Customer Retention, Incentive Campaigns, Consulting, Configuration Small and Large Network, Scaleable Shop, Payment Process, Terminal Negotiations, Pricing Negotiations (educated), Plugin Manufacturing, UI, UX, Branding and Design, Search Auditing, Branding, Brand Auditing, Link to Securities, Link to Smart Network, IoT Integration, NFC tracking and triangulation, Pen Testing, Firewall Setup, Hardware/Device/Network Scanning, Device and Server Maintenance for Multi-tier platforms.

Commerce – Language and Market Penetration for channels outside of US, Nexcess, Shopify, Magento and Big-Commerce Integration, of all CRMS (See Jivo ) and Other Commerce API and entities. Read More.

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Legal Services

Services for your individual office, team or firm. Your submissions are encrypted and hidden from third parties. Make sure you are using the latest and most secure version of your browser to avoid being tracked.

Legal Services

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Is your business leaking information?

Ex-employee shared login info? Compromised office security? Negligent security practice leaves you a prime candidate for autonomous hacks. We offer network, security and data tracking services as well as data backup and recovery services for devices and networks at your home or office.


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